Snow Skiing In Alabama

Yep, that’s right!  Snow skiing in Alabama really does exist.  Before I tell you about the ONE and ONLY SKI RESORT in ALABAMA…here are a few pics of the ‘Farmhouse’ where we stayed during our visit to Mentone, AL.  This was actually located about 10 miles from Mentone in the small town of Cloudland, GA.  Because we were determined to take our little Pomeranian, Della with us I knew we would have to find somewhere besides a hotel or B&B to stay.  I started with Airbnb since I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every stay I’ve ever booked with them.  I couldn’t find exactly what we were looking for this time so I decided to give HomeAway a try and to  my surprise I found the perfect little ‘Farmhouse’ that I knew we could all appreciate (Mom included).

Pics aren’t much to look at but If you CLICK HERE you can see more pics of the ‘Farmhouse’ inside and out!  Below are a few pics from the Green Leaf Grill in Mentone.  Let me just tell you this is the cutest little cabin restaurant EVER!!!  It is decorated to perfection and the food was very good!  Pics below…

We ate outside on the porch so Della was able to join us!

 It doesn’t look like much from these pics (below) but the town of Metone, AL is just as cute as it wants to be and there is definitely more to see and do than what I have here!

Next two pics are from the Cloudmont Ski Resort where you can ski and stay in a quaint chalet.  Chalet #5 overlooks a creek and covered bridge.  A few other things the resort offers is golf and horseback ridding.  Even if you’re not looking to do any of the activities they offer, I still suggest visiting the area.  This was my second time visiting and I definitely want to go back!

The next three pictures are from Cloudland Canyon State Park which was only about 30 minutes from where we stayed.  The views were absolutely amazing.  I wish we could have hiked around but we had our mom with us and she can’t get around quite as well as we can.

The last of the pictures were taken at the Terminal Brewhouse in Chattanooga, TN.  This was about 35-40 minutes from the park.  Whenever we can hit up more than one state at a time we take full advantage of it!  Once again we had Della with us so we were able to eat outside with her.  Mom walked across the street for something a little finer than pizza.  She hates that we always eat pizza!  We did however try the Feta Basil Olive Oil Spread atop fresh baked bread and it was YUM! 🙂

Della probably had more fun than any of us and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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Destin Florida Beach Trip 2017

It took us forever to get to Destin because we wound up having to go out of town to get an air conditioner part before we could leave and Ame (my sister) kept forgetting her purse at home so twice we had to turn around and go back to get it.

But we finally made it and decided to eat at Landshark’s Pizza Co. since Ame was craving pizza.  It was no joke some of the best pizza we have ever had.  I don’t know what it was that made it so good but really it was pretty amazing!  It was a sports bar atmosphere but family friendly as well.

About my outfit…I’ve had this terry cloth dress for so many years I can’t even say how many for sure but at least 10!  It is really tight and almost see through (not lined) but I just can’t part with it so I threw a shirt on over it and went about my business.  I really love the skirt part and it’s just too cute not to keep!  Top is from Peaks Cafe in Peaks Island, Maine (really cool island you should visit if you’re ever in the area).  Yellow & white stripe clutch is actually a waterproof lined bikini bag I purchased from Walmart a couple of years ago. |Cute Option HERE||HERE||HERE|& |HERE| *None of these options are lined  -My shoes are from Amazon |Link HERE|.  Earrings are from Stella & Dot. |Cool Option HERE|  & |HERE|

Cupcake was not complimentary of the hotel but that’s where we decided to enjoy it! 🙂  We couldn’t get enough of the lobby!  I have never spent so much time in a hotel lobby before in my life!  I kept asking Ame if she wanted to go to the lobby and drink coffee and just hang out and look out the window at the view!  It was SO relaxing and there weren’t a lot of people there since school is in full swing.

The flowers were real!! 🙂

The hotel was located on the harbor & they had the cutest little beach like area with adirondacks & lounge chairs in the sand  (pictured above).

The above picture was a zoomed in view from our room!  I woke up around 5:45 and couldn’t go back to sleep because I was so excited for the day!  I haven’t been to the beach since sometime last year so I was a lil bit…WAY TO EXCITED… 🙂 🙂 🙂



A VIEW!!! 🙂 Does this not make you wanna stay HERE???

The hotel decor was nothing fancy and super 90’s but that’s what I liked about it most because I felt like I was on the set of Heaven’s Prisioners with Alec Baldwin and Eric Roberts.


YES…this is at our hotel!!!  They really know what they’re doing!!! It was also only 2-4 miles from at least 3 different beaches.  I didn’t really care much about going to the beach though because the Inn on Destin Harbor was SOOO MUCH FUNNN!!!  I probably do need to mention though it is a fairly old hotel and the outside isn’t much to look at but they make up for it with the decor, complimentary wine (Friday nights), cucumber lemon water, friendliness of staff, and harbor view!

We forgot to bring beach towels so we stopped by Alvin’s Island to get some and I wound up just getting this sarong and using it as my towel + beach cover up!  It was only $9.99 and I even made a dress out of it. 🙂  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE souvenir shopping!!!  I also got me a little shell & turquoise anklet for around $4.

How about this view from The Back Porch Seafood & Oyster House???

This peach daiquiri was D to the E to the L-I-C-I-O-U-S!!! 🙂

And, the food was too!!!  We were able to share this because we really weren’t all that hungry and definitely didn’t expect to eat such a heavy lunch. But… when I saw grit cake I was like, “YUMMMM… gotta have it!”  So we ordered fried grouper, a twice baked potato, and the grit cake.  Oh, and you can walk right up from the beach and eat!

Harbor Walk Village is a cool shopping/eating/marina area.  The view here was amazing too!  There are lots and lots of activities to choose from to do here so go ahead and check it out!

Finally got to wear my Roses Express dress!  I haven’t dressed up to go out to eat in SO, SO LONG!!!  I was dying to wear this dress though, so I convinced Ame to dress up with me…haha! 🙂

When Ame took this pic we didn’t realize the flash was on…lol 🙂 🙂 🙂

Ruben on Rye with Fried Potatoes…yum…yum!!

A lady gave me the vintage Rodo Italy (straw bag) pictured above.  It make for some really good laughs because Ame used it just about the whole trip and it is SO not her style!  She said it was the perfect little beach purse though!

McGuires Irish Pub was covered in money!  $1 Bills EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was actually about 1.7 million dollars worth!  The walls were covered with them and they were hanging from the ceiling.  It was pretty cool!  Of course we forgot to put one up!! 🙁

They had live music, good food, and great attitudes!  We even tried some Irish beer for the first time and Ame said it wasn’t so bad!  I didn’t think it was all that great but I have never acquired a taste for beer over all these years so I’ll stick to ciders for now!

More Flowers & Coffee! My kind of morning!!! 🙂

Cute hotel mirror calls for a casual #ootd selfie!! 🙂

And last, Ame’s cute terry cloth mermaid skirt/dress.  We couldn’t figure out if it was really a skirt or dress but it fit us better as a skirt so that’s how we wore it!  It was only $8 at Dollar General in Destin.  Click HERE for more outfit options from this trip! Stripe Bag: |Similar HERE||HERE| & |HERE|

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Rodan & Fields Give It A Glow Results

Rodan & Fields Give It A Glow Results:

Before I get started I want to make sure you all know I have only used these (3) products once.  I’m doing this post for those of you who have been contemplating trying these products but aren’t sure if you should or what to expect.  This is not a sponsored post and is not endorsed by Rodan and Fields or a Rodan and Fields Consultant.  These are my own results and opinions.

The picture on the LEFT was taken on 6/12/17 (P.M.) after a shower before applying any products.

The picture in the MIDDLE was also taken on 6/12/17 (P.M.) after applying Step 1.

The picture on the RIGHT was taken on 6/13/17 (A.M.) after using all (3) products and after a shower.

As you can see, my skin was bumpy and red in the picture on the left.  The picture on the right after using the product, my skin is smoother and significantly less red.

Step 1 (Redefine Daily Cleansing Mask) The first thing I noticed about this product was its pleasant aroma.  I liked its texture and how easy it was to apply to my skin.  It’s been a couple of years since I used an exfoliating product on my face (I usually just scrub it with a wash cloth) because they usually break me out.  This mask was gentle on my skin and didn’t cause any irritation.

Step 2 (Redefine Night Renewing Serum) This product was also very easy to apply and it was so smooth I could hardly tell I was applying anything to my skin.  It actually made my skin look slightly dull but the next morning when I looked in the mirror (before I even washed my face) I was surprised by how radiant my skin looked.  This step contains a Retinol which helps turn over dead skin cells in turn giving your skin that natural glow.  This step also helps reduce the appearance of pores and tightens the skin.

Step 3 (Redefine Lip Renewing Serum) This product has smoothing properties and gives your lips a younger, fuller appearance.  As you can see from the pictures above it did just as it said it would!  My lips were red, dry, and not very plump in the first two pictures and soft, smooth, and fuller in the last.

Overall I’m pleased with my results and give these products two thumbs up!! And just think this is only after one use of the product!  If you should have any questions about this product I’d be happy to help, so just ask away!  If you’re interested in ordering this or any other Rodan & Fields product contact a consultant near you or you can always contact mine, Whitney Gaston.  She is always helpful and Oh, So Sweet!  🙂

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Summer Stripes Blues & Whites


I have always been drawn to the combination of blue and white especially during Spring and Summer months. Which brings me to these blue and white stripe culottes. They are so cute and comfortable.  I wish I had a pair in every color and design out there!

I’m also really into slides this Summer and love these white ones I purchased from Amazon.  Big round sunglasses are a big hit with me this year and I hope the trend sticks around for a while because I’ve never really gotten into them until now.  I really like this particular pair that I purchase from Target earlier this year.  This might sound weird but I don’t like for my eyebrows to get blonde when I lay out so I wear these to cover them up.  I also like that they are large enough to cover my crows feet which prevents extra damage!  Not to mention they are super stylish!!! 🙂

I really like this tank sweater because it gives you the option of tucking the front or back half into your bottoms without complication!  This one is really cute too (just needs a cami to go underneath). 😉

Another thing I’m digging this year is white fingernail polish!  The color that I’m wearing is sort of a pinkish white (more white) called Creme De La Creme by Sally Hansen.  It is a gel polish so it lasts a little longer that regular polish.  I like this because I don’t do or get my nails done very often so the longer they last the better!

Okay, last but not least I love a fun clutch!!  I purchased this one on a mission trip to Guatemala.  I can’t fit much in it but that’s okay with  me because I really don’t need to carry a whole lot around with me on a daily basis.  It’s big enough for my necessities and fits in my work bag.

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