Ann LeeEllen Crawford founded Ann LeeEllen Fashion Blog in the Spring of 2016 to display her love of fashion and inspire others.  LeeEllen, a small-town Alabama girl, grew up with strong country roots which involved picking peas, corn, and butter beans on her family’s farm in the country.  She found it hard as a toddler to stay out of her mothers make-up and threw many a fashion show for her friends at sleep overs. It was prophesied by LeeEllen’s classmates that by the time their ten year class reunion came around, she would own a women’s clothing boutique.

LeeEllen’s wardrobe usually includes primitive Native American jewelry and footwear.  Her mother’s love of American history and the Native American Indians influenced her style greatly.  LeeEllen’s professional degree is in Business Administration with a specialization in Management.  She is currently pursuing the fashion world with hopes to manage a website that leads to many other opportunities.