Orrville Farmer’s Market Day

Yet again I accidentally deleted some of my pictures from this day but I wanted to share this anyway on account of my local readers.  If you haven’t been to the Orrville Farmer’s Market yet, you need to go!  It is SO, SO, SO, CUTE even down to their bathroom!!  If you’re looking for a quick little day trip then this is the place to go!

If you’re in the mood for breakfast… they have it!  If you’re in the mood for lunch… they have it!  I’m not sure what’s on the BK menu but what I do know is they have a pretty delicious hot bar and dessert for those of you with a sweet tooth or two!! 😉  There is plenty of indoor seating and if I remember correctly outdoor as well.?.?  There is also a cute little Coca-Cola bar with bar stools that you can sit at (pictured above).

Those of you on the hunt for local farm-fresh produce and goods… this is once again the place to go! They have anything from goat’s milk lotion and soap to honey, jams, and jellies.  They have an array of seeds and fresh vegetable to choose from and plenty a plant for all you plant lovers out there!  Don’t hesitate to try some peanuts or pecans from a barrel and grab a batch of cinnamon rolls to take home for the family.  They’ll appreciate ya for it!! 🙂

If nothing else you should simply go for the atmosphere and experience!  The storefront alone is what caught my eye! I was on my way to a work event and didn’t even realize it existed until I road past it.  I was initially shocked because if you know the area at all you know that there is nothing quite like it around.  Orrville, AL is a rural town in South Alabama with a population of just over 200.  The Orrville Farmer’s Market is pleasing to the eye inside and out down to it’s quaint little southern charm of a bathroom!

Don’t wait!!!  Get on over there this weekend! 🙂 And, as always, thanks for stopping by and have a great day! 🙂 🙂 🙂


SHORTS [Similar Styles & Prints Here]

Wide-Leg Chino Crops


I scored these adorable wide-leg chino crops at Dirt Cheap for just $7.50!  They are made by Gap and let me tell you they are amazing!!!  Because of my petite frame I usually can’t fit into Gap pants but it seems like their sizes are running a bit smaller these days which I LOVE!!! 🙂  So when I picked these up I noticed that they were a size 0 and I was like dang I really wish they had them in a 00 because honestly I used to not even be able to wear their 00 but thought they looked like they probably ran small and would possibly fit.  Since I didn’t see any in a 00 I decided to try these on any way and to my surprise they fit to perfection! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Now I did however have to cut them to fit like crops but no big deal because they already came with a raw hem. I remember back when I was in high school the raw hem was really popular and I loved it because I always had to get my blue jeans hemmed and they always looked really dorky (until I found a seamstress that sewed the original hem back on).  So I’m oh so happy that it is back in style so I can just cut away! 🙂

I was concerned that they were going to get all wrinkled up and loose their shape when I sat down in them but they actually bounced right back.  I wore them all day at work and sat in them the majority of the day and these pictures were taken a couple hours after work and as you can see they don’t look all that bad.  The material is good and thick and is 98% cotton and 2% spandex.  They come in Regular, Tall, and Petite; and Short, Regular, and Long.  Sizes 00-20.  They also come in Monterey Cypress which is an olive color that I will be looking for next!! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and  have a great day!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


Everyday Delicate Floral Dress

As y’all already know I’m big fan of floral prints!  I’m an even bigger fan of casual everyday dresses that I can throw on without much thought!!  And this dress is just that, which is why I had to have it!!!! 🙂  It is so comfortable and makes me feel delicate and feminine.  It is perfectly casual yet slightly dressy so it works out great for my casual-dressy workplace.  Some days we wear jeans and a t-shirt and some days we opt for a dress depending on our mood and what we have clean. 🙂

I purchased it from Ross Dress For Less a couple of weeks ago while on a trip for work.  I love shopping at Ross because I can almost always find something that fits my petite frame without having to make a trip to my alterations ladies where I then have to pay a little extra and feel like I didn’t get much of a deal after all! I also love that I don’t break the bank when I shop there!  I got this adorable little dress [similar here] for just $9 and these sassy little ‘Coconuts by Matisse‘ sandals were only $16!!!

My favorite section at Ross is definitely the shoe section!  It’s ALWAYS the first section I go to when I enter the store!  They always have great name brands to choose from like Nine West, BCBG, Matisse, and lots, lots more!!!!!!  I typically leave with no less than 3 pair… 🙂

They also have a great home section that I can’t resist even when I’m not looking for home items!  I also love their purse, luggage, and beauty sections as well.  I mean really it is SO hard to not shop all the sections!!! 🙂  Have I inspired you yet???  Go ahead and check it out for yourself if you haven’t already I promise you won’t leave disappointed! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


Quick Trip to N O L A

When your friend is dropping her husband off in NOLA for work you hitch a ride!  Am I right, or am I right???

Now let me just say my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE thing to eat when in New Orleans is Eggplant Napoleon with crawfish sauce. I once had it from a food truck at the Wooden Boat Festival in Madisonville, LA (Lake Pontchartrain) and it was one of the best things I had ever put in my mouth! This was 15 years ago and still to this day I can remember how good it was and I remember going back the next day to get more!  Years later I went to visit a friend who was stationed in Louisiana and had it again (can’t remember where) but it was delicious!!!  I tried to find a place this time that had it but we were kind of crunched for time so we just went to the closest cool place we could find.

It wound up being the coolest little spot [New Orleans Creole Cookery] with a great atmosphere and amazing food!!!!!  I had the Redfish Almondine (pic above and below) with Green Beans and Heirloom Potatoes.  Let me just tell you it was ALL WONDERFUL!!!!!!!  I do not exaggerat; my friend said it was the best shrimp she has ever had, my sister ate half of my meal and I ate half of hers (Crawfish Étouffée), and let me just say we all thought the heirloom potatoes were out of this world delicious!!!  This was a little more on the upscale side but very reasonable prices considering how good the food was.  The environment was a good balance between formal and informal, so wear what you want!

Then there was Oh my Sweet Tooth Key Lime Pie with fruit on top! Y’all it was SO, SO GOOD!!!  If you’re ever in the area I definitely recommend this place.

The nice man pictured above was so nice and welcoming.  He did such a good job luring people into the restaurant! 🙂

I captures this gorgeous picture on our way there.  I’m not sure where we were at this point but it was either Mississippi or Louisiana.

I made this video with InShot app on my phone.  I took several Instagram story videos and combined them into one.  It was super easy and I hope y’all enjoy it!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day! 🙂