10 J. Crew Inspired Items

10 J. Crew Items You Can Mix & Match Year Round
J.Crew Classic straw hat with ribbon
Women's J.crew Textured Stripe Sweater
J.Crew Ray-Ban Icon Round Sunglasses
J. Crew Silk Scarf
J.Crew Leather mule slides
Shedrain For J.Crew Umbrella
J.Crew 3" Chino Short
J.Crew Perforated Italian Leather Belt
J.Crew Rounded Colorblock Barrette


J.Crew Straw Market Tote


Don’t-cha just love making purchases you know you’ll get use out of all year long?  I sure do!  That’s what inspired me to share these 10 J. Crew Inspired Items you can mix & match year round.  I really like that they can all be worn/used together or you can mix and match them with other items in your closet.  And again, the fact that you can use each piece year round is a pretty big deal!!!  At this point you may be thinking —she’s crazy! …there’s a pair of chino shorts in the mix!  But I’m here to tell ya, just add a pair of tights and be on your way!   One of my favorite styles from childhood memory was shorts, tights, and clogs.  One of my teachers always rocked the style and I thought it was the best!  Then a few years ago I saw another lady in town rockin’ the same style and I thought to myself –I gotta remember to start wearing that style again!


Most of the items here are neutral and can be paired just about anything!  Take some of the accessories for instance …you can pair these with almost any color or pattern out there and who doesn’t need an umbrella, a hair barrette, belt, tote bag, or pair of sunglasses & shoes year round?  But what about the hat and scarf??  They can turn any ole boring tee shirt and jeans look into a chic and stylish outfit in a matter of minutes!


And …how about that nautical stripe sweater??? 🙂  It can be worn with so many different colors and mixed with other patterns as well.  I’m a BIG sucker for all things nautical and find myself wanting to wear it every season of the year no matter what the temperature is outside!  What about you, what style do you find yourself being drawn to year round??


Be inspired and have a GREAT DAY!!! 🙂


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5 Cute Sleeved Spring Tops Under $80


Floral Cropped Off The Shoulder Blouse


MANGO Flared Sleeve T-Shirt


Chicwish Stripes Charisma Top with Bell Sleeves


High and Low Ruffle Blouse


Women's Topshop Floral Trumpet Sleeve Blouse



There’s nothing quite like the way a feminine top makes a girl feel, right?  That’s why I particularly like these 5 Cute Sleeved Spring Tops Under $80.  Each are different in their own way but all of them are feminine and romantic and can be dressed up or down.  I love seeing all of the different styles out right now!  If I could I’d get all 5 of these for myself and skip town for a while… 🙂  Ain’t gonna happen, tho!!
I can picture these paired with dress pants, bell bottoms, skinny jeans, distressed or plain jeans, dressy shorts, distressed cutoff shorts, pencil skirts, jean skirts, and more!  The shoes, purses, and other accessories you can pair with them are endless as well so I’ve listed a few of each for you to shop below!!  Hope everyone is having a delightful Friday and HAPPY WEEKEND everybody!!! 🙂

Casual Chic for Spring

Casual Chic for Spring


Vanessa Seward Merino Wool Turtleneck Pullover



RE/DONE Cut-Off Denim Shorts



Matiko Cherine Sandals



Ugg Rae Bucket Bag



Samoe Marble Face Watch - Blush - Women's Watches



Kenneth Jay Lane Graduating gold plated coin charm drop earrings


I am SO ready for SPRING!!!  Even though it has pretty much felt like it all Winter long here in Alabama!  Spring is probably my second favorite season next to Fall minus the fact that I have terrible sinus trouble!  Thankfully I haven’t had any yet (this year) and hopefully it will miraculously pass me by…yeah right… So anyway, I put this Casual Chic for Spring look together using the Polyvore app on my phone and liked it so much I couldn’t resist sharing it with you all!!

I’ve liked wearing long sleeved tops with shorts ever since I can remember and the first two items I saw when I logged on were the sweater and denim cutoffs… 🙂  I like how the turtleneck sweater gives this outfit a dose of chicness while the cutoff denim shorts keep it casual yet cool.  I added a few accessories to give it a fun flair!  And these shoes!!!  They are so pretty and stylish yet look oh so easy to walk in!  Oh, and what about that bucket bag…isn’t it the cutest???  I just love it and it also comes in a really pretty light gray with light teal tassels!

What do you think of this look and where would you wear it?  Does this Casual Chic for Spring look make you wanna fast forward into Spring??  What’s your favorite season and why???  Do you know someone who would wear this????  Will you share it with them?????  Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great day!!! 🙂

How I Got Healthier Hair in 2017 + My Over-Sized Top Guide

It’s probably not a good idea for SEO purposes but I’m gonna go ahead and do it anyway…2 blog posts in 1!! 🙂 I recently got my hair cut after a year and a half of growing it out- not even a trim…YIKES!!!  As you can imagine it was fairly split-endy 🙂 , way too long, ratty, and I had about 4 different lengths going on from new hair growth.  I was constantly brushing knots out in the mornings when blow drying it and one morning it even wrapped around my ponytail holder like a pretzel which took forever to get out!

After that I made up my mind it was time to GO, and so it did and I couldn’t feel better!! 🙂  All that being said, I wanted to tell you all about some of the changes I’ve made and a few things I’ve incorporated into my daily hair care routine that have already produced great results for me.  I also got my sister on board and she has noticed a significant difference in the health of her hair as well.


  1. STOP USING PONYTAIL HOLDERS THAT BREAK YOUR HAIR OFF, AND START USING THESE OR THESE.  We all know those ponytail holders that we grew up using, the really skinny ones that our moms introduced us to!  I recently purchased these and LOVE them!!!
  2. START USING CONDITIONER IF YOU’RE NOT ALREADY.  Even if you have thin, oily hair like me!  I’ve been told by dermatologists time and time again that the drier your scalp is the more oil it actually produces!  Use a conditioner with a volumizer or one that has collagen in it [like this one] and apply the majority of it to the bottom half of your hair and work your way up. RINSE WELL!!!  Using a conditioner will result in less breakage when brushing through your hair before drying. I have read more than once that your hair is more susceptible to breakage when it is wet.
  3. USE WARM WATER -NOT- HOT WHEN RINSING YOUR HAIR OUT.  The hotter the water temperature the drier your hair will be causing damage to it.
  4. LET YOUR HAIR AIR DRY AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE BEFORE BLOW DRYING.  The less blow drying (heat applied to your strands) you do the better off your hair will be!
  5. APPLY A HEAT PROTECTOR PRODUCT BEFORE BLOW DRYING/STYLING YOUR HAIR.  I use this one because it also gives me volume!
  6. LAST BUT NOT LEAST USE BLOW DRYER, CURLING IRONS, & STRAIGHTENING IRONS ON WARM SETTINGS.  I recently started using my blow dryer on a warm-high setting and it has made my hair healthier and gives it more volume.  I also dropped the temperature on my irons about 5 degrees.  Another BIG thing I notice people (especially hair dressers) doing is clamping straightening irons down so hard on my hair that it literally breaks it off!  This is SO not good!!!  It takes so long to repair your hair from this kind of damage!  Be gentle with your straightening irons.  It may take a little longer to straighten your hair but in the long run your hair will be healthier and you will have less breakage/damage!


When it comes down to it I believe heat is the make or break factor in weather or not your hair stands a chance when it comes to being healthy!  Hope this helps and please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions or let me know if there is something you think I could or should be doing different! 🙂


  •  SHOP IN THE PLUS SIZE SECTION EVEN IF YOU’RE NOT PLUS-SIZED. THIS IS A 2X!!!  I purchased it while on vacation and LOVE it!!!  It’s super soft and looks cute with jeans and tights!  When people ask me where I got it I make sure to tell them it’s a 2X and they can’t believe it!  Oh, and I almost forgot to mention it’s also a sleep shirt…lol!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
  • TRY THEM ON BEFORE PURCHASING.  They are not always flattering depending on the shape so I suggest always trying them on to make sure you will be satisfied with your purchase.
  • JUST BECAUSE ITS MADE TO BE OVER-SIZED DOESN’T MEAN YOU SHOULD PURCHASE THE SIZE YOU NORMALLY WEAR.  There have been times when I purchased the size I would normally wear and it’s still not long enough or it shrinks later.  If they don’t have the size I normally wear I will just get the next size up and it normally works just fine!
  • THESE RULES ALSO APPLY TO MOST ALL TOPS/DRESSES AS WELL.  Depending on the fit you may have to go up a size or 2 or 4.  I tend to wear an XXS, XS, or S at most places but sometimes I need a Medium, Large, or Extra Large to fit my needs.